The ultimate demand forecasting solution

Optimize your inventory planning to perfection using your shoppers' journey!


An End-to-End technology with Belle AI

Minimize your overstock and understock, while providing your shoppers with a cutting-edge experience and real-time recommendations.

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Store-tailored Demand Forecasting
Unbiased Data Mining
New Revenue Streams
Fitting Recommendation
Spoil Your Shoppers
Optimize & Grow Fast

Discover the balance between supply and demand

Behavior Analysis

We analyze your shoppers' behavior over time to better predict and control your inventory

Demand Forecasting

We provide 10X more accurate demand planning by uncovering unclassified data

Shopping Experience

We revolutionize the shopping experience for your shoppers, ensuring customer loyalty while increasing sales

Data Accuracy Matters for Your Business

We provide a sleek and user-friendly UX with detailed analytics resolutions that enables merchandise buyers to make smart decisions. This will result in reduced overstock and out-of-stock errors by up to 97%.

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Pricing packages that fits all

Packages based on your needs


Plug&Play solution

Tackle over-production and inventory questions via AI

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Cross-lever analytics to help you reduce loss due to out-of-stocks

Planning and optimizing future inventory orders

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Predict and minimize your out-of-stock

Reduced over-production errors by 90%, Store-by-Store

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Make every customer count

You get a growing added value with each day passes.

Day 1: Reduce returns by 50%

Day 30: Demand-driven store traction planning 10X more accurate

Day 90: Demand-driven customer behavior planning increase X2 profitability

Benefits for you

Keeping your overstock to a minimum and maintaining no understock

Fast and easy access to technology info with little to no adjustments on your end

Benefits for your customers

Offer your shoppers cutting-edge experiences and dedicated promotions

Increase customer loyalty by reducing return rates

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